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Hotel "Ach To Tu"
26 Balonowa Street
64-100 Leszno
Tel. +48 65 526 99 40/41
Mobile +48 606 302 525
Fax. +48 65 526 99 41
E-mail: hotel@achtotu.com.pl



We are pleased to welcome you to the ACH TO TU Hotel. Would you please take a minute to read our rules, whose purpose is to provide undisturbed and safe stay of our guests.

1. A room at the Hotel is rent per days.
2. A Hotel day starts at 2 pm and ends at 12 noon the following day.
3. If a Guest has not declared duration of their stay at the Hotel it is presumed, that they have rented their room for one day.


1. A Guest shall pay the price for their stay on arrival at the Hotel, during the check-in.
2. Should a Guest resign of their stay during the Hotel day, the charge for that particular day shall not be refunded.
3. In the case a room is booked, but a Guest failed to come until 6 pm on the day of reservation, the Hotel reserves the right to charge the price of one Hotel day. The Hotel may charge the Guest's credit card.
4. The condition for checking in is presenting a national ID card, a passport, or a similar ID document and signing a check-in card.
5. Staying in a room after 2 pm is regarded as a prolonged stay.
6. A person wishing to prolong their stay should report the fact at the reception desk till 10 am of the day of the presumed check out.
7. Your stay will be prolonged provided that there are available rooms.


1. Persons who are not our Guests may stay in a Hotel room from 10 am to 10 pm.
2. The Hotel guest must not sublet the room to anybody, even if the check-out date has not expired.
3. The Hotel may refuse to check in a guest who, during their previous stay, failed to pay due charges, severely breached the Hotel rules, did damage to the Hotel’s or other guests' property, or did any other harm to the guests, Hotel staff, or other visitors, or in other way disturbed the guests' stay or the Hotel operation.
4. All the guests are required to respect night silence, i.e. from 10 pm to 7 am the following day.
5. The Guests' stay shall not in any way disturb other guests' stay. The Hotel may refuse to continue the service to the person who has breached the rule.
6. The Hotel guest is liable to cover the cost of any damage they have caused.
7. Children must at all time be supervised by an adult person.


1. The Hotel provides services according to its standard. Should there be any objections as to the quality of service, the Guest is requested to report them immediately at the reception desk so that the Hotel Management can immediately take appropriate measures.
2. The Hotel is obliged to provide:
1) conditions of complete and undisturbed rest for its guests,
2) safety of stay, including security and confidentiality of information on its guests,
3) professional and kind staff performing all due services in the Hotel,
4) cleaning of rooms and doing all indispensible repairs during absence of guests, and in their presence only when they wish so.

1. At the Guest's request the Hotel provides the following services free of charge:
1) Providing information related to the stay and travel.
2) Wake up calls at required hour.
3) Keeping money and valuables in the Hotel safe deposit.
4) Calling for a taxi.
2. The Hotel reserves the right to refuse taking to the Hotel deposit objects of large value, or large sums of money.
3. The Hotel is responsible for valuables, money, securities and works of art only when they are put in the safe deposit.


1. Each time when leaving the room the Guest should close all windows, turn off the TV set, turn off the lights, turn off all water taps, lock the door and make sure it is locked, and leave the key with the reception desk.
2. A fee in the amount of 100 PLN is charged for losing the Hotel room key.
3. For the sake of fire safety it is forbidden to use irons, electric kettles, heaters and similar devices not being the room equipment.


1. Animals are allowed in the venue of the Hotel according to rules reffering to animals (as below).
2. Smoking is forbidden in the Hotel, apart from assigned places. Should you breach the ban, you will be charged with the costs of refurbishing the room. The cost is 200 PLN lumpsum.
3. It is forbidden to drink alcohol in the halls and in the reception area.


1. Personal belongings, left in the room by a guest who has departed, will be sent to the guest's address on their expense.
2. Should the Guest not give instructions as to sending back the left their belongings, they will be kept at the Guest's expense for 3 (three) months, and after that period they will be liquidated.
Foodstuffs will be kept for 24 hours.


1. Breakfasts are served in the breakfast room (ground floor) every day, from 7 to 10 am. The price of breakfast is included in the price of the room.
2. The restaurant is open from 2 pm to 10 pm.
3. The Hotel has a CCTV monitored parking. The cost for 1 car is 20 PLN / day.
4. The Hotel reception takes care of all the guests, on duty 24 / 7 - telephone extension No. 100.

We wish you a pleasant stay.



Rules regarding stay of animals at the „Ach To Tu” Hotel

1.The stay of an animal at the Hotel must be permitted by the Hotel Management.

2.The cost of stay of each animal at the Hotel is 40 PLN/day.

3.Only domestic animals (dogs, cats) may stay at the hotel.

4.The Hotel Management, in taking their decision on admission of an animal (dogs mainly), will take into account animals’ temperament and training level.

5.Animals should be kept in their owners’ / attendants’ rooms. Dogs have to be walked on the lead and with a mzzle, accompanied by the owner or the attendant.

6.Animals must not enter the restaurant or other public places within the premises of the hotel.

7.If the bed linen gets dirty in the room where the animal is staying (hair, dirt, mud), or gets damaged, the owner is liable to buy out the whole set of linen for the lumpsum price of 100 PLN.

8.Dog owners are obliged to clean dirt as left by dogs inside the hotel, as well as within the premises of the hotel. Cat owners have to have a tray with sand and empty it into a plastic bag which should be disposed of in a container as instructed by the hotel staff.

9.No animal should be left alone in a room if it is disturbing public peace during that time, and for a period not exceeding 20 minutes.

10.Owners of animals are responsible for their animals’ remaining silent in the hotel and not disturbing peace of other guests. Should there be repeating complaints from other guests or the personnel, the hotel management reserves the right to request the removal of the animal from the hotel.

11.Any loss to the hotel property or guests’ property as inflicted by animals shall be evaluated by the Hotel Management, and the costs will be borne by the Owners.

12.Should the hotel reception desk not be informed about stay of a dog in a hotel room, a fee will be imposed upon the animal owner in the amount of 300 PLN.

13.PLEASE NOTE! We shall not admit dogs which are regarded as dangerous or aggressive. Among others such breeds as: Pit bull, Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher, Dogo, Ovcharka (Shepherd Dog), American Staffordshire Terrier (Amstaff), Bulldog and the like.

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